Ancient Greek Mythology Gods and Goddesses of Olympus

ancient greek mythology gods goddess

Zeus and his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, drew lots. Zeus won control of the sky, Poseidon the sea and Hades the underworld. Each was all powerful in his kingdom, but on earth they were equal.

Zeus set his court on Mount Olympus. He took his sister Hera as his wife but fathered many children other than hers. Hera resented his love affairs and his power but her attempt at rebellion failed and all the Gods accepted his authority.

Below is a guide to all the ancient Greek mythology Gods and Goddesses of Olympus giving their Roman equivalent names also.

Zeus (Jupiter ) All powerful, arrogant. His thunderbolt is his ultimate weapon.

Hera (Juno) Powerful herself but subdued by Zeus. Jealous and frequently shrewish. Patroness of marriage.

Poseidon (Neptune) Rules over all water. Produces catastrophic tidal waves with his trident.

Athena (Minerva) Chaste goddess of victory and wisdom. Patroness of arts, science, and crafts. She is armed and helmeted and her symbol is an owl.

Aphrodite (Venus) Goddess of love, her magic girdle instantly inspires and her infant son, Eros/Cupid, shoots arrows desire.

Ares (Mars) God of war. Loves battle for his own sake. Takes sides indiscriminately and delights in slaughter. His sister, Eris, is the goddess of arguments.

Apollo (Phoebus) Archer God of music, medicine and prophecy. Carer of flocks and herds, quickly angered and cruel in his youth but later moderate in all things. The most famous oracle at Delphi is his.

Artemis (Diana) Apollo’s sister, a huntress with a silver bow and arrow, she and her nymphs remain virginal but children and childbirth are under her protection.

Demetra (Ceres) Sister of Zeus, powerful goddess of agriculture, corn and harvest. Her daughter Persephone is the wife of Hades.

Hades (Pluto) Remains in the underworld visiting neither Earth nor Olympus since he abducted his wife. The grief of Demetra, her mother, so blighted the Earth that Zeus persuaded Hades to let her go but because she had eaten the food of the dead(pomegranate seeds) she was obliged to return to him for part of each year. Ever since, nothing grows in the winter months when Demetra mourns again.

Hestia (Vesta) Sister of Zeus, peace loving goddess of hearth and home, welcome everywhere on Earth.

Hermes (Mercury) An entertaining latecomer to Olympus, full of trickery and a thief from childhood. Zeus made him herald of the Gods and gave him winged golden sandals and helmet. Goat footed pan is his son.

Dionysos (Bacchus) The inventor of wine, he is God of intoxication and ecstasy and became the patron of drama and theater. Hestia, preferring Earth, gave him her place on Olympus.

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