Avdou Village

Avdou village is located in the Valley of Lagada at the south end of which has approximately 600 inhabitants. The village has significant archeological sites and at the same time very interesting history.

The name Avdou originates either from the Prophet Avdiou, who, according to tradition, lived in one of the nearby areas of Kontaria or Lines, or from “avidon”, which means “deep” in the language of the Ancient Macedonians of Northern Greece. The locals prefer to call Avdou “the Capetanochori” (the captain’s village).

According to a Venetian document it is said that during the 14th century, the village was a benefice belonging to Michel Quirino. Avdou played a major role in the cultural and artistic growth of the island, and was a significant power in the revolutions against Crete’s conquerors. The inhabitants of Avdou village are some of the most hospitable in Crete and are immensely proud of their heritage. The locals are involved mainly with olive tree cultivation since ancient times.

Avdou village belongs to the Municipality of Hersonissos, Crete, which apart from Advou, includes Hersonissos Port and the villages of Agriana, Gonies, Kera, Potamies and Sfentyli.

The visitors of Avdou villa may choose from a large variety of options in sights near and around the village.

There are many archeological sites such us Malia and the town of Ancient Knossos 40 km away, Lycnostatis, a Cretan open air museum as well as many Byzantine churches located in the greater area of Lagada. The Avdou complex also organizes cave explorations for those who wish to explore and discover the hidden beauties of the earth.

Besides the sites found around Avdou, all visitors can spend their leisure time with a number of outdoor activities: Special trainers and rental of parachutes are provided for paragliding, as the village is fully organized for this exciting sport. Horse riding lessons are also provided for beginners and the trained riders can go over the hills along. For the more adventurous guests trekking and mountain climbing at the Psiloritis area are also scheduled on daily basis.

For relaxing moments on the beach there is a wonderful bay at the North coast only 15 km from Avdou and for our young friends we can arrange a transfer at Aqua Splash, (9 km from Avdou) for endless amusement with water games!

Furthermore, Avdou Vilage is an ideal place, because the region of Hersonissos, the most organized tourist resort of the prefecture of Iraklio is only 16 km away. The sandy beaches and the outstanding nightlife, especially during the high season, will amaze every visitor.

Avdou village in Heraklion Crete is a holiday spot for all types of visitors, who can spend their leisure time visiting wonderful historical sites or participating in a number of exciting outdoor activities, such as paragliding lessons, a sport for which the village is fully organized, provided by experienced trainers.

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