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Water-Load of Fun in Crete!

Holidays in Crete are all about having fun. After all, you work hard all year round and therefore deserve to let your hair down on one of the most fun islands in the Mediterranean. But what do we mean when we say ‘fun’? Well, seeing as Crete is an island, it makes sense to head […]

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Xerokampos Beach

Xerokampos is a small sea resort between Zakros and Goudoura 49 km away from Sitia via Ziros. At Farmakokefalo, Nikos Papadakis excavated a small but significant settlement of the Hellenistic period which may be Ancient Ampelos. Sophisticated artistic items were found, pots, statuettes, coins, stone tools and many finds made of copper, lead and steel […]

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Byzantine Churches in Heraklion Crete

Crete has several beautiful Byzantine Churches that we recommend visiting during your stay in Herakion, Crete. The Byzantine Church of Panagia (Annunciation of the Virgin Mary) The Church of Panagia is a cross-domed temple with exquisite frescos. It is the oldest church in Avdou village and a wonderful example of Byzantine religious architecture. The Byzantine […]

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The Caves of Crete

There are over 3.000 caves in Crete recorded by the Greek Speleological Society. There are several impressive caves, well worth a visit during your stay in Crete. The Cave of Agia Fotini The Cave of Agia Fotini is located on a hill, at an altitude of 760 meters and is 44 meters in length, from […]