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Piskokefalo Village Sitia Eastcrete

Piskokefalo Village

Piskokefalo is a big and fertile village at the south axis 4 km away from Sitia. It belonged in feudal times to the Venetian family of Kornaros, the ancestors of the poet of “Erotokritos” Vitzentzos Kornaros. The house and the watermill of Kornaros have been restored and are going to become The Vitzentzos Kornaros Museum. […]

sfaka village sitia lasithi crete

Sfaka Village

Sfaka is a big settlement on the National Road, 30 km away from Sitia. It was named after the homonymous plant that grew near the spring. A Minoan tomb was found with an urn at Keratidi. There is an inscription of Michael Siligna dating from 2 March 1643 at the old church of the Holy […]

ahladia village sitia crete

Ahladia Village

Ahladia (also called as Achladia), is a fertile and historic village on the road from Sitia to Stavrochori, 9km away from Sitia. At Platiskinos there is a significant ornate tomb of the Post-Minoan era with a round chamber of 4 m height and diameter, as well as a door at the back so that the […]

Sitia Port Marina


Sitia Municipality Sitia municipality in Lasithi, is in the far east of Crete with a population of 19,209 inhabitants which has many sandy beaches, some of them completely deserted. The actual winter here is very short, with the middle of December still seeing many sunny days. Out of season minus tourists the island retains a […]

Potamies Village Crete Panagia Gouverniotissa Monastery

Potamies Village

Potamies is the first village you come across, heading south from Hersonissos towards the Lassithi Plateau. It is a beautiful village that possesses many significant historical and religious sites. While in Potamies, Heraklion Crete suggest visiting the Monastery of Panagia Gouverniotissa, where you can admire the 14th century murals in the Church of the Panagia. […]

Avdou Village

Avdou village is located in the Valley of Lagada at the south end of which has approximately 600 inhabitants. The village has significant archeological sites and at the same time very interesting history. The name Avdou originates either from the Prophet Avdiou, who, according to tradition, lived in one of the nearby areas of Kontaria […]

Archanes Village Crete Greece

Arhanes Village

The village of Arhanes (or Archanes) belongs to the Region of Temenos and it is a village with inhabitants over 5000 years. It constitutes a very significant archeological site since according to speculations King Minos had a summer palace in the area. The name Archanes originated from the fifth century name Archana. The name has […]