Cretan Local Celebrations

cretan celebrations

May day– 1st May : Locals travel to the mountains to collect wild flowers which are arranged into a wreath and placed on the bonnet of the car for the drive home, then hung on the front door.

Battle of Crete – Mid May: Veterans from the historic battle of Crete commemorate with many services and parades. Both local and allied veterans take part including many British.

John the Baptist birthday– June 24th: The locals burn the spring festival garlands of on bonfires and the children sometimes jump the fires.

Marine week– 1/7th July: Various naval observances and sea sports along the coast.

The assumption of our Lady– 15th August: A major religious holiday celebrated throughout Greece. Agia Marina village name day also with a service at Agia Mama chapel. Much merrymaking.

Holy sash of the Virgin Mary – 31st August: The village of Psykhro has a religious feast and a local dances. Hundreds of people descend to the plain on mules.

Chestnut festival– Mid September: Traditional music and dancing can be seen at Kissamos and Elos.

Ohi day – 28th October: Celebrations all over Greece to commemorate the Greek premier saying no (ohi) to the ultimatum in 1940

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