Heraklion Crete, Greece harbor and Koule (Rocca al Mare) Venetian fortress

The prefecture of  Heraklion is well-known for its impressive Minoan Palaces and Cities, namely those in Knossos, Phaistos, Malia, Tylissos, Amnissos, Archanes, Lyttos, Gortyna, Hersonissos and Levina. Guests can visit a wide array of superb museums in Heraklion Town, Archanes village, Hersonissos Town and other settlements through the Heraklion Prefecture, which display a great variety of objects and relics from everyday life in Crete during both ancient and modern times. Historical buildings, mainly from the Venetian Era, as well as churches and monasteries are scattered in the capital city, as well as in several other areas of the prefecture. Wonderful natural sites such as caves, canyons and verdant mountains can be found in the settlements of Archanes (Arhanes), Avdou, Viannos, Kamares and Matala, making them an ideal place for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Visit the famous Heraklion Crete archaeological sites such as the Minoan Palaces of Malia, Knossos and Lyttos, which are excellent specimens of the grandeur of the Minoan civilization. In the nearby seaside town of Hersonissos, Heraklion, you can visit the splendid open-air folklore museum “Lychnostatis”. If you are interested in speleology, then we recommend visiting the Dikteon Andron cave on the Lassithi Plateau, which according to mythology is perhaps is the birthplace of the Olympian god Zeus.

The prefecture of Heraklion, Crete has many splendid beaches where visitors can spend their leisure time relaxing under the sun and swimming in clear, cool waters. Along the northern coast, the finest beaches are Ammoudara, Stalida, Agia Pelagia, Mononaftis, Malia, Paleokastro and Kato Gouves. If you wish to visit the beaches on the southern side of the Heraklion Prefecture, we recommend going to the beaches of Kalamaki, Matala, Katalyki, Agios Nikitas, Lendas and Loutra.

Useful phones in the Herakion Prefecture, Crete

  • Heraklion Port: Tel. +30 2810 244-912 or +30 2810 244-956
  • The “Nikos Kazantzakis” Heraklion Airport: Tel. +30 2810 397-129, +30 2810 397-136 or +30 2810 397-800
  • Olympic Airways Heraklion: Tel. +30 2810 244-802
  • Aegean Airlines Heraklion: Tel. +30 2810 344-324
  • Heraklion Tourist Police: Tel. +30 2810 283-190
  • Heraklion Police: Tel. +30 2810 282-243 or +30 2810 284-589
  • Archanes Police: Tel. +30 2810 751-811
  • “Venizeleio” Hospital Heraklion: Tel. +30 2810 368-000
  • Archanes Rural Clinic: Tel. +30 2810 751-882

Photos Source:commons.wikimedia.org