Piskokefalo Village

Piskokefalo Village Sitia Eastcrete

Piskokefalo is a big and fertile village at the south axis 4 km away from Sitia. It belonged in feudal times to the Venetian family of Kornaros, the ancestors of the poet of “Erotokritos” Vitzentzos Kornaros. The house and the watermill of Kornaros have been restored and are going to become The Vitzentzos Kornaros Museum. The village church of Agios Georgios also belonged to the family and bears their emblem.

At the north of the village near the Katrinia hill a rural temple was excavated with many finds including statuettes of pregnant women, pots, beads, models of people and animals, scarabs, earthen houses etc. On the road from Sitia to Piskokefalo a two-storey Minoan mansion was excavated and one can still see the ruins of the rooms, the staircases, protective blocks of stone from the river or the sea etc.

To the community of Piskokefalo also belong the settlements of Kato Piskopi, Sklavediakos, Berati, and the area of Trapezounta. Until 1971 Piskokefalo was the seat of the Turkish administration in the Sitia district. It is the birthplace of Captain Giannis Kontos and the Member of Parliament M. Kolyvakis.

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