The Caves of Crete

Milatos Cave Agios Thomas Church Lasithi Crete Greece

There are over 3.000 caves in Crete recorded by the Greek Speleological Society. There are several impressive caves, well worth a visit during your stay in Crete.

The Cave of Agia Fotini

The Cave of Agia Fotini is located on a hill, at an altitude of 760 meters and is 44 meters in length, from 1.8 to 7.5 meters in width and from 5.3 meters to 20 meters in height.

Approximately 12 meters from the entrance is a sap (lower level basin), and immediately after is a corridor that ends up in the back area of the cave, where the Church of Agia Fotini is located.

At the entrance of the church are six stone steps and two stalagmites that are called “Panagia’s (Virgin Mary’s) Knees”. At the furthermost point of the church is a small space that is used as the holy podium. Above this area are wooden windlass beams, which were used in the Ottoman Era to raise various objects. Beside the podium is a large, white 6.5-meter high pillar.

It is believed that Agia Fotini used to be a 19th century monastery, although definite evidence of this fact have not been found. It is possible that the monks lived in nearby caves. During the Cretan revolutions, the cave was used as a hideout by the freedom fighters. Every year, on the fourth Sunday after Easter, a festival is held at Agia Fotini.

The Cave of Faneromeni

The Cave of Faneromeni, situated in the area of Frachtis Koukoula, is surrounded by a lush forest of holly trees. The route towards the cave is pleasant, but not easy.

At the entrance there is a room filled with stalagmites and pillars, followed by a corridor that ends at a large chamber with pillars of all sizes. The walls on the left side of the chamber are covered with a substance, which has formed a stunning spectacle that looks like a cluster of jellyfish.

The Cave of Agia Paraskevi

Cave of Agia Paraskevi, which is believed to have been used as a place of worship during the Minoan Era. The cave has many stalagmites than seem to have been processed and used as objects of worship.

The Cave of Milatos

In the Prefecture of Lassithi, Crete there is the magnificent Cave of Milatos, with its very impressive stalagmites and stalactites. The cave houses the Church of Agios Thomas.


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