Water-Load of Fun in Crete!

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Holidays in Crete are all about having fun. After all, you work hard all year round and therefore deserve to let your hair down on one of the most fun islands in the Mediterranean. But what do we mean when we say ‘fun’? Well, seeing as Crete is an island, it makes sense to head down to the beach and try out one of the many water sports which are available throughout the high season.

The Bouncing Banana Boat

If you have ever visited a Mediterranean beach, then you will probably have seen a banana boat. A banana boat is basically a big inflatable banana which a group of people can sit on and get pulled along by a speed boat. The driver of the speed boat has usually only one thing on his mind – to try and get you to fall off. So do not feel ashamed if you go plunging into the sea a few times on your trip – but you should feel ashamed if you are the only one who does! Prices are usually relatively cheap, around 15 Euros a ride, so this isn’t a break the budget activity by any stretch of the imagination and it is pretty much available on every beach in Crete too.

Jet-Ski Frolics

If you would rather be in control and go a bit more faster than you would sitting on the back of a big banana, then hire a jet-ski and take to the waves yourself. You can usually hire jet skis for an hour at a time and depending where you are you can go out to sea and explore or stick to designated areas roped off from other boats and swimmers to ensure safety. You do not need to have any experience, but you will need to listen carefully to the owner who will explain how it works and some best practice guides. You may be given a 20 minute lesson too.

Relaxing Pedaloes

Who said that water sports have to be performed at breakneck speed? If your ticker cannot handle all that adrenaline, then simply hire a pedaloe and explore the coastline at a speed that suits you. Plus, you will get a great tan and even a little bit of exercise. What more could you want from Crete holidays?

Crete holidays have a habit of bringing out the adventurer and thrill seeker in you. Just make sure you choose a water sport that suits your personality!

Photo Source: pixabay.com Public Domain CC0

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