Xerokampos Beach

xerokampos beach eastcrete sitia lasithi

Xerokampos is a small sea resort between Zakros and Goudoura 49 km away from Sitia via Ziros. At Farmakokefalo, Nikos Papadakis excavated a small but significant settlement of the Hellenistic period which may be Ancient Ampelos. Sophisticated artistic items were found, pots, statuettes, coins, stone tools and many finds made of copper, lead and steel – a possible area of smelting.

On the small islands of Kavalli near Xerokampos traces of ancient habitation were found. On these rocky islands there are nests of many pairs of Eleanor’s falcon. The area is a crossroad of migrating birds. Xerokampos used to be infertile and dry but after water drillings the area was covered by olive groves. It attracts many tourists due to the African, exotic colour, the beautiful sandy beaches, and the clear sea.

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